Manor Glass Ltd are specialists in glass repairs and all types of glass and glass products. We have been supplying and fitting glass, mirrors and glass splashbacks in Wallington since 2007. Our excellent glazier team has over thirty years of experience in the glass industry.

We are a family-run business with a glass shop in Wallington, where customers are given a warm welcome by friendly glazier professionals. We are happy to offer advice on the glass, mirrors and glass splashbacks we supply and provide glass repairs and shaping services.

5 Different Types of Glass and Their Uses

Glass is an incredibly functional material that has been used in Wallington and the rest of the UK for centuries. The use of man-made glass dates back as far as 4000BC, where glass was used for coating stone beads. There is a wide range of glass available on the market and in glass shops today, created for different domestic and commercial uses such as mirrors.

Obscured Glass

Obscured glass is a type of glass created with a patterned or frosted finish, so that images are blocked or blurred when you look through the material. Obscured glass is often used to offer privacy, making it a popular option for bathrooms in homes and commercial premises.

Manor Glass Ltd supply an excellent range of Pilkington obscured glass at our glass shop in Wallington, speak to one of our glazier experts about the attractive designs available.

Toughened Glass

A popular option with Wallington customers, toughened glass is highly-resistant to breakages and the most durable type of glass on the market. It is made by using a thermal tempering process, where the original float glass is heated in a furnace and then cooled rapidly to create a more resistant glass that is less likely to need glass repairs.

Toughened glass is often used for glass splashbacks, security glass and toughened mirrors. Our glass shop supplies and fits toughened glass that can be used for a variety of purposes.

Laminated Glass

Laminated glass, also known as safety glass, is manufactured with two or more layers of glass and an interlaying material such as plastic, PVB or EVA. The interlayer ensures the glass stays bonded, prevents it from shattering and providing UV protection and heat insulation.

Commonly used for doors, one-way mirrors and windscreens in Wallington, our glazier team installs all types of laminated glass. We also provide expert laminate glass repairs.

Patterned Glass

Flowers, leafs and geometric patterns, patterned glass comes in many contemporary and decorative forms. It can be used for privacy and functionality, but is often fitted for pure aesthetics and style. Although the glass may look delicate and pretty, it also comes in toughened and laminated forms for extra strength, durability and safety.

Patterned glass is available at the Manor Glass Ltd glass shop in Wallington. We supply patterned glass and glass repairs for glass splashbacks, shower screens and doors.

Mirrored Glass

Mirrors are made using float glass around four to six millimetres thick. Reflecting coatings, such as silver, aluminium or gold, are applied to the float glass sheet, bound with a protective coating and polished to create a reflective mirror material.

Mirrored glass can be cut, shaped and framed by a skilful glazier at our Wallington glass shop. Mirrors are used widely in households, gyms, restaurants and shops.

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